We are having our personal and Tie-up centers to hurry up all of the process,to satisfy purchaser necessities and to preserve the time lines.


We are one of the main manufacturing, shopping for and exporting homes in India. Having diagnosed the problems confronted through global importers in perceiving the super-high-quality fine apparels with the minimal costs, Polestar Garments has began to assist them in providing the apparels with the anticipated fine and price variety to the global customers.

  • Yarn & Knitting
  • Dyeing & Processing
  • Fabric Inspection and Cutting
  • Printing & Embroidery
  • Stitching/Sewing
  • Checking, Ironing, Packing
  • Final Inspection & Shipping

Yarn & Knitting

Yarn Process

The yarn manufacturing is not anything however the harvested processed uncooked substances are converted from uncooked fibers into yarn. This is completed with the aid of using spinning the fibers. Weaving and knitting are extraordinary techniques to put together in any other case intertwining to shape fabric fabrics. They are crafted from each herbal and artificial fibres.

Knitting Process

We are tremendously able to knitting fabric with the green knitting unit with a extent capacity. The excessive tech machineries of make from Mayer & cie with lycra attachments are used for round knitting and Matsuya machines from Japan are used for collar knitting, to supply export exceptional products.

Dyeing & Processing

We are working with imported extremely contemporary-day absolutely computerized tender float machines, for dyeing. The fabric are processed with Multiflow absolutely Automatic dyeing device with quantity manufacturing capacity. Electronic shade size and dyeing guarantees even colouring. Squeezers ( Balloon padding) are used in preference to the traditional hydro drier, so the cloth isn't strained whilst disposing of the moisture. The cloth is then processed via loosen up drier, ensuring that the cloth is tender treated and made even softer with the aid of using the quit of this process.

Various sorts of washing centers are used to get rid of hairiness and make the fabric sense tender, neat and spotless. Washes like Bio Wash, Enzyme wash, Silicon wash, Vintage wash, Stonewash, Cold pigment wash, Silicon crinkle impact and destroyed wash are used. To dry the washed fabric, we use tubular drying and herbal drying centers

Fabric Inspection and Cutting

Because the fabric is constantly below anxiety during the numerous tiers of the fabric production procedure which includes knitting, dyeing, and different completing processes, we need to loosen up the material to reduce in order that similarly shrinkage for the duration of client use is minimized.

After the material has been relaxed, it's far transferred to the spreading and reducing region of the garment production facility. The material is first reduce into uniform plies after which unfold both manually or the use of a computer-managed device in coaching for the reducing procedure.

Next, garment paperwork—or patterns—are laid out on pinnacle of the unfold, both manually or programmed into an automatic reducing device. Lastly, the material is reduce to the form of the garment paperwork the use of both operated by hand reducing system or a automatic reducing device.

Printing & Embroidery


We are delicate with huge variety of printing technology inclusive of chest prints, rotary prints (carried out the usage of stormac 12 color matching) , discharge / reactive prints, spray print, glitter print, Plastisol prints, foil prints, excessive density prints, gel prints, fancy prints like flock, embossing and plenty of greater printing strategies are utilized in making precise products. Water primarily based totally printing, pigment printing and Non-PVC printing also are carried out. We are working with Automatic chest printing machines ( MHM) which prints a potential of 10,000 pcs / day and the semi automated printing system which prints to a potential of 8000 pcs / day with skilled teachers to take right care of the printing division.


Operated with up to date automatic Embroidery machines from Tajima nine color 20 head with a ability of 12,000 pcs / day, we provide very elaborate embroideries as favored via way of means of the customers. We use absolutely computerized embroidery machines to reap excessive degree of bulk accuracy. We additionally have the ability to offer hand embroideries for the complex patterns.


Stitching or stitching is accomplished after the reduce portions are bundled in keeping with size, coloration and quantities. Garments are sewn in an meeting line, with the garment turning into entire because it progresses down the stitching line. Sewing device operators acquire a package deal of reduce material and again and again stitch the identical part of the garment, passing that finished component to the subsequent operator. For example, the primary operator might also additionally stitch the collar to the frame of the garment and the subsequent operator might also additionally stitch a sleeve to the frame.

Checking, Ironing, Packing


Before packaging of clothes it need to be checked out. It is of a good deal significance earlier than shopping for the garment.It applies for each the exporter or different overseas importers.We have a superb checking phase hereby, A really appropriate stability among well-educated experts and present day systems, our checking facility makes use of sampling strategies which are in keeping with general requirements withinside the industry.In our business enterprise the fine manipulate is practiced proper from the preliminary level of sourcing uncooked substances to the level of very last completed garment and that is effectively completed with the assist of recurring checking.


Automated ironing strains paintings in tandem to make sure easy ironing of all products. This line additionally serves as a very last nice checkpoint earlier than the goods are packed.


Customized packing for unique customers and trendy packing strategies are each used to make certain secure transit of the products. Packing measures comply with worldwide norms and are periodically up to date and monitored with the aid of using a QA team.

Final Inspection & Shipping

Final Inspection

Once the packaging is completed, there can be a very last inspection for the mass production. The packed clothes are then inspected for high-satisfactory guarantee of the outgoing completed products. This procedure is observed for inner high-satisfactory audit and to make certain that no faulty clothes are packed into the cartons.


If the inspection end result is a pass, then the clothes are equipped for the cargo and equipped for the give up consumer. The files crew will put together the files required for customs clearance and transport after which the shipment could be shipped thru sea or air as according to the buyer’s requirement.